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Famous Beaches in Dahab

The city of Dahab is a popular tourist destination in south Sinai. It is considered to be the second most famous city in Sinai, after the world wide popular city of Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab means gold, and the city was named that because of its golden sand beaches.

The Blue Hole

The most popular and astonishing beach in Dahab is definitely the Blue Hole. This place is really mind-blowing as it consists of a huge blue hole in the sea. This hole was the result of a falling star that smashed into the earth in ancient times and caused this huge blue hole that is 100 meters deep with a radius of 50 meters.  Professional divers come to the blue hole from all countries of the world because of the challenging adventure of exploring it and the unique sea life the place offers. However, diving in this area requires a huge amount of diving experience.

The Lighthouse


The Lighthouse diving area took its name from the fact that it is located near Dahab’s lighthouse. The dive site in this area is fascinating as there is reef around, with pinnacles and reefs providing a good variety of life. We found a large octopus, morays, red sea fish, crocodile fish and the usual assortment of fishes. The depth here ranges from 35 to 50 meters.

The Lighthouse is a very famous site for teaching diving for all levels from beginners level to technical professional diving. The place is also suitable for some night dives as you can see some creatures at night that you can never view in the morning. The Lighthouse area is also the perfect place for windsurfing and sailing

There is also the Ras Abu Galoum Protected Area with its unique sea life and a different bird watching experience is a favorite of many tourists.

Two-Bedroom Suite

Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort has, as the only hotel in the center of Dahab, spacious two-bedroom suites for families or small groups. Each suite measures

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Famous Beaches in Dahab

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